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Prusa was founded in 2012 in Bursa city of Turkey and is specialized in industrial adhesives and supplying them to customers in all over the country. Prusa is the distributor of an international company RAYT. RAYT is one of the leading adhesive manufacturers who present complete solutions with advanced formula products that fulfil high-tech requirements. Prusa follows all technological improvements and innovations and has business alliances with world leading raw material manufacturing companies. Prusa forms firm relations with machine and installation manufacturers in order to ensure that its products have the highest performance in use. Also the company already has knowledge about businesses of its customers that enables better understanding of the requirements of its customers. The Company has project based experience in Food, Textile, Automobile, Packaging, Labelling, Construction and Printery sectors. Prusa continues to keep the values of being innovative, customer orientedness, total quality. It presents more than hundred products and also is ready to produce products that will fulfil the varying needs of the customers. The company puts an importance on quality testing and approval of its products to make them working free from fault.



“Ertuğrul Mah., Bursa Gıda Toptancıları Sitesi, 114. Sokak, E Blok, No: 17, Nilüfer, Bursa, Türkiye”

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“+90 224 363 60 10”

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